Sunday, May 02, 2010

How To Tell You Have the Right Gospel

"There is no better test as to whether a man is really preaching the New Testament gospel of salvation than this, that some people might misunderstand it and misinterpret it to mean that it really amounts to this, that because you are saved by grace alone it does not matter at all what you do; you can go on sinning as much as you like because it will redound all the more to the glory of grace. If my preaching and presentation of the gospel of salvation does not expose it to that misunderstanding, then it is not the gospel..... There is this kind of dangerous element about the true presentation of the doctrine of salvation."

-D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, The New Man: An Exposition of Romans Chapter 6

Discussions concerning what is the "correct" gospel have been around since before Jesus was crucified, and will be around far after you die.

People advocate on the side of legalism or lawlessness or every possible combination of the two somewhere in between. And the topic of "too much grace" is one that seems to keep rearing its head lately.

I thought this quote provided an interesting perspective.

What do you think?