Thursday, April 29, 2010

Obsessive Christianity Quiz

I wanted to include this quiz as a part of my review of "The Naked Gospel" that I put up yesterday...but I thought it deserved its own post.

 Naked Gospel Wordle FTW

Maybe you've experienced the same realization Andrew Farley has. Where you've just had to admit that you're doing everything they say a good Christian should do...but you still don't feel closer to God...

Maybe you see Christianity as a means of behavior modification, perhaps you liken it to aspects of humanism in its goals. Or you could wonder why it seems that being a Christian makes little practical difference in the day to day lives of many people...except that for some, it adds layers of guilt or perceived misery.

Below are ten faith related concepts that don't seem to be regularly discussed in many churches today. They may be discussed in yours...or they may not be. Our view of each of these concepts affects our relationship with God, our spiritual growth and our fulfillment in life. So for each of these ten concepts, please decide whether you think each is true or false.
  1. Christians should ask God to forgive and cleanse them when they sin.
  2. Christians struggle with sin because of their old self within.
  3. We should wait on God even before making everyday decisions.
  4. When we sin against God, we are out of fellowship until we repent.
  5. Old Testament law is written on Christians' hearts so we want to obey it.
  6. The Bible tells us Christians can obtain many rewards in heaven.
  7. Christians will give an account of their sins at the great white throne.
  8. Christians should tithe at least 10 percent of their income to the church.
  9. God gets angry with us when we repeatedly sin against him.
  10. God looks at us as though we're righteous, even though we're really not.
How many did you answer as "True?" And how many as "False?" Andrew Farley, author of The Naked Gospel, insists that the answer to each and every one of those questions is "False."

You should read his book to find out why.

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