Friday, May 28, 2010

Charles Foster on Intelligent Design

Just a quick excerpt from a book I'm reading, "The Selfless Gene: Living with God and Darwin" by Charles Foster.
"There are many things to say about the Intelligent Design hypothesis, one is that ID is a classic "God of the gaps" argument. It says, effectively, "We don't need God to explain 95 percent of the evidence, but we can't see how the remaining 5 percent can be explained without him. Therefore he must be the explanation.
Apologetically, of course, this is exceedingly dangerous. Any competent lawyer instructed on behalf of Christianity would advise against deploying it. For whenever a gap is plugged by new research (and gaps are being plugged all the time, as we will see), God is nudged nearer and nearer to redundancy.
And each time he is ousted as a necessary explanation, he loses a bit more credibility. That is precisely what has happened and is happening as ID loses ground. If you pin your creed on the earth being the center of the universe, a short lecture from Copernicus leaves you as an atheist."
Yeah! NOW what, Copernicus?!?!


What are your thoughts about that excerpt?

I'll go first. Personally, it makes me think we may "pin our creeds" on too many things. And maybe if we focused more on Jesus and less on the "other stuff" which seems to often come packaged with Christianity, that perhaps we'd be better off.