Wednesday, March 10, 2010

You Can't Replace Church

This is my last post in the series "Cirque du Soleil'ing" the church. Thanks for indulging me for the past week, let's finish this up with my last point:

You can't replace church

Pretty simple on this one.

Cirque du Soleil revolutionized and redefined a circus....but they never replaced it. They never changed who they were. Through all the art, all the innovation, all the changes, it is still a circus. It has not been replaced by something else.

It didn't become a shopping mall. It didn't become a country club. It didn't become a coffee house. It didn't become a restaurant. It didn't become a performance venue. It didn't become a church.

So when we look at renovating the church why do we try to make it into something else? Why in the world would we try to make it into a circus? That's not going to make it more like a church, it's going to make it more like a circus.

Cirque du Soleil became MORE of a circus than it could have been otherwise. And I think that the church can become MORE of a church than it has been in the past, and MORE of a church than what it is currently.

I believe we're supposed to do so. That God would really think that's pretty awesome.

But it's not going to happen by trying to make the church look like, or act like, something it's not.