Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Seven Traits of Fundamentalists

You know, I find myself normally disagreeing with Mark Driscoll on a good amount of specific theological points...mostly because I'm not a Calvinist...and partly because I don't think a dude has to like MMA for me to worship him.

google Jesus, MMA, Driscoll if you don't get that reference

But when I find something I agree with him on, I REALLY agree with him. And this 8 minute and 41 second clip from one of his recent sermons is one of those times.

This clip resonated with me, so I thought I'd put it up. Some seriously great points in here. He goes through 7 traits of fundamentalists. They are:

1) Proud
2) Cessationists (He'll explain what that means)
3) Unloving
4) Hypocritical
5) Joyless
6) Methodolatry (Made up word. Treating a particular method as sacred, creating an idol out of it and worshiping it)
7) Powerful

Your thoughts on this clip? Or the list?