Monday, March 15, 2010

What Would You Rather Be Doing?

Surely you've seen those "I'd rather be fishing" or "I'd rather be hunting" or "I'd rather be riding my John Deere" bumper stickers that are so prevalent.

Catching a theme from those? The theme is "Bass Pro Shop" and there's a giant one in town.

Oh there are nerdier stickers too, I like this one particularly since yesterday was March 14th. Universally known as 'pi day.'

It's Monday. I'm pretty surely nobody likes Mondays.

If you do like Mondays, you're probably a terrorist.

So on this Monday, no matter what you're doing right now, what would you rather be doing?

Would you rather be hunting? Fishing? Doing yoga? Sailing the pacific ocean? Doing math? Hunting and tracking a velociraptor in the cretaceous period due to a mis-calibration with your newly developed time travelling phone booth?

No? Just me?

And if you really are doing exactly what you'd want to be doing right now A) You're lucky, B) The rest of us hate you and don't want to hear about it, C) Tell us what you're doing :)