Monday, February 15, 2010

Who Cares About Valentine's Day?

That's right, I said it. And I'll say it again too,

Who cares about Valentine's Day?

Well, for starters, this guy.

Pretty lame? Yes I agree.

But I do care about Valentine's Day, I want to do special sappy nonsense on Valentine's Day. I'm not saying that I shouldn't do special sappy nonsense all year long, but Valentine's Day is different. Which is why I'm bothered that I really lamed out for it this year.

Our V-Day weekend was crazy busy, so Jenny and I were unable to go and do anything....which is unfortunate for her. Hopefully we'll be going out sometime in the next week? Month? To make up for it.

I also bought myself jewelry for Valentine's Day, and Jenny got herself chocolate. I know, I'm a real winner. Be jealous that I'm taken.

I do know that Valentine's Day can be rough for a great many people. When I was single, or in a dysfunctional/bad relationship, nothing highlighted it more than the glorious post-groundhog's day February heart festival ( case you weren't picking up on it).

I think special events tend to work as relationship highlighters.

They don't make a relationship better or worse. They don't make singleness better or worse. They bring out into the light the emotions, feelings, problems and successes that have been hanging out under the surface. You know, all that nonsense that just bubbles around in you that you don't pay attention to? It's a matter of bringing acute awareness...and if you're used to not being aware, then I'd imagine you'll be pretty displeased at the holiday for addressing it.

So, do you care about Valentine's Day?

Did you go and do something special on Sunday? Or maybe the day before....or perhaps tonight?

What were your Valentine's Day plans?