Saturday, February 13, 2010

Top 3 Posts Of The Week

I'm trying out this whole "week recap" thing that many bloggers I read like doing.

I think it serves a few purposes:

  • Forces me to look over some analytics and maybe see why some posts get lots of views and other don't. Ultimately resulting in you being able to read better posts when I use what I learn.
  • Allows you to see what other posts people have deemed to be the most important based on how many views they got.
  • I have far more views that I have RSS subscribers. So it's fair to say that many of you are reading this because you clicked here from a link on Facebook or Twitter. Perhaps you haven't read anything else on this site before and you'd like to know what's good. Well, here's what's good. Hope you enjoy and come back.

And you can subscribe by clicking that big button on the right. Or entering your email under it. ;)

3) A Home In Haiti - On @shaunking, Courageous Church in Atlanta and what you can do to save lives in Haiti right now. Also was the most re-tweeted post of the week.

2) Review: Sex, Lies & Religion by Randy Elrod - A book that everyone who has ever had sex or thinks they may have it in their lifetime should read immediately! Not your typical Christian book on sex. Outstanding!

and the most viewed post this week...

1) The Gayest Straight Man You'll Ever Know - Want to get some serious traffic? Talk about homosexuality. But seriously, that wasn't the point of this post at all. This post is about Andrew Marin, who has made it his life to build bridges between the church and the gay and lesbian community. This post has a clip of "the best 20 minutes he's got." I think you'll agree. And as people have said, it is well worth the watch.