Saturday, January 02, 2010

Praying for Wisdom

When I was a sophomore in college (way back in 2001-2002) I found myself stuck in the book of Proverbs quite often.

Many people do. It's full of short, convenient sayings and is pretty dang useful in general. It's popular to read, I'd imagine there are some sort of stats on this...but I'll guess it's the 3rd most popular book in the Bible behind John and Romans. Made up statistics are fun.

So I'm especially interested in the "Proverbs in 31 Days" project that I mentioned yesterday, and may spend a good amount of January blog entries on Proverbs.

Count it!

Proverbs 2

Today (being the 2nd) dealt with the second chapter, which conveniently is my favorite chapter in the book.

The verses dealing with wisdom really speak out to me. Probably because "wisdom" would have to be the number 1 thing that I've prayed for over the years.

Verse 3 suggests that we should "call out" for wisdom and understanding. Some translations say to "cry aloud" or to "raise your voice" for these things. The Hebrew word used here is the same that is used in other scriptures where an author speaks of "crying or calling out to God."

It is a word has a connotation of desperation. That what you are searching for is so important to you that you're dying to get it. That you're seeking after it so strongly that you're giving up other things in order to get what you're after. I think of being willing to sacrifice, or not caring what others think of your searching so long as you get wisdom.

Praying for Wisdom

I think of wisdom as incredibly important. Which is why it's the thing I've prayed for the most. Especially 'back in the day' when I was hanging around Proverbs so much.

And over the past few years it's become the thing I pray about most for Jenny and Brooke.

Sure, I want Brooke to grow up with a strong faith. Sure I want her to be a good person. I want her to be loving, to be smart, to be successful, to be happy. I want all of those things for her and more, what dad wouldn't?

But I believe that if she has wisdom, true wisdom, those others will come in time. That if she has wisdom for situations and problems before they occur, that she will be much better off in every way in her life.

Do you ever find yourself praying for wisdom? For yourself? For others?

Does it seem like something that comes up?

Do you think that God dispenses out wisdom? Or does it come from somewhere else? Or many places?