Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ever Feel Checked Out?

You ever have those days where you're "checked out" entirely?

Just going into some sort of mild coma while you're sitting there and waiting for time to pass.

That's my Monday, from 8a-8p.

This week the level of zombie intensiveness stayed with me through Tuesday.

Yeah, two days for the price of 1! Sweet!


This is my 100th blog post today. I was trying to think of what I wanted to write about to make it special, make it a landmark, you know?

But this is what I've got. Just feeling drained.

I know that I shouldn't let my "yesterday" affect my "today." But here we are. Bleeding the two days together into one ball of "meh."

Surely everyone has this sort of day...maybe you're right there with me at the moment.

So what regularly gets you out of it?

I know that I get into this funk because I focus on my monotonous work routines...and internet games.

To get out of it, I have to focus on more "important" things and spend my time on them. For me, important things are connecting with other people online, reading, writing, watching, listening. Contributing to conversations and engaging with others.

Make sense?

I think that this is because I'm a relational person. We all are. We're made that way.

We have to interact with others, I know I do. Being in community and engaging with others is personally rejuvenating.

Is it the same to you?

If not, what gets you out of the funk?