Monday, December 14, 2009

Don't Let Them Leave Confused and Disappointed

If you can't see the video, go here:

Even something as simple and ubiquitous as an address can make absolutely no sense to someone who is not familiar with the culture.

We take things like that for granted. We assume "everyone knows" about something that seems second nature to us. When really it's only natural to those of us in our own clique or tribe...even if that group has gotten very very large.

How much "church-speak" do we use when attempting to explain a topic to people from outside of the church's tribe?

Why do we think that the terms salvation, grace, forgiveness, baptism, justice, conversion, etc mean the same thing (or anything) to them as they mean to us?

Wouldn't someone who is used to the limited forgiveness that people give one another look at God's forgiveness with the same confusion you would have attempting to find an address in Japan?

How illogical is the Biblical explanation of people getting what they don't deserve--forgiveness of sins--and we still speak of God's justice? Isn't justice when people get what they do deserve?

Don't we do the same thing with our church routines, programs and practices?

Doesn't it seem that we unknowingly (let alone when we do it on purpose!) do things that result in someone having the same reaction as the characters in that video?

What do we do to change it?

Do we do anything to change it? To stop it from happening? 

Or do we let them just leave confused....and disappointed?