Monday, November 02, 2009

God Does Not Give Us Mediocre Passions

We shouldn't think being average is a goal. I can't think of a time where God has called us to 'just get by,' or to make it through the day being 'ok.'

We may think that mediocrity is a baby step above an alternative of insignificance, or that an ideology of 'it could be worse' is an acceptable mindset...but I doubt God sees it that way.

I don't get the idea from scriptures that God ever calls us to anything less than amazing and powerful things. Through specific teachings of authors, of Jesus, or even by basic reasoning and inference. Because he is amazing and powerful. If his spirit lives in us, we are to exemplify the same.

We should be struggling and striving for God given dreams and goals. We should never be satisfied with pursuing anything less. Can you imagine if God were to 'settle' for something less than the extravagant, the absurd, the miraculous in his pursuit of humanity? What kind of sad state would that put us in?

But instead we have a God who took unthinkable measures to reconcile us to himself. A God who could have just as easily (or probably, MORE easily) snapped his fingers and removed the problem of sin. Who could have removed free will from us, his creation. Who could have solved the problem with no conflict, no struggle, no passion, no problems, no anything.

And he didn't. He chose the conflict, the passionate struggle, the incredible and miraculous sacrifice with an echoing through Jesus of his constant urging for us to "go, and do likewise."

We have passions, because God has them. When ours align with his, it can be amazing and powerful. Both for ourselves and for those whom our passions affect. We are entrusted with this.

It's not, even a little bit, ok to just strive to be ok.