Saturday, August 27, 2011

Facebook is a kinda a big deal

Had a great conversation with a new group leader after the 6:30p service tonight. She has only been coming with her family for about 2 months to North Point. But as I asked the standard "So how did you end up at NPC?" question, the answer I got was pretty awesome, "Well...Facebook."

Yep. Facebook.

She went on to tell me that she never heard of North Point before, but it seemed to keep popping up all the time on Facebook: friends' statuses, videos they'd post, quotes, links, etc. Since I do our web & social media for North Point, hearing that from someone who went from 2 months ago not being in NPC to now being so into it that she was interviewing to be a group leader was pretty awesome.

Then she drops a big one on me: When her family came to North Point, it was the first time she (or her husband) had been to church in 13 years. And not only that, she has begun "dragging her friends" (as she puts it) to NPC as well. And they're digging it. She even brought one of them along to her group leader interview, and invited her to be her co-leader (much to her friend's surprise, hilariously).

Even though I know how important Facebook is to spreading the word about a church, how big social sharing is between friends, how people check out a church on Facebook before they even show up for the 1st's still good to meet someone that solidifies what I already know.

Facebook is kinda a big deal.