Sunday, February 13, 2011

How God Used a Sermon on Giving to Touch a Broke Addict

I had the chance to talk with two guys after North Point's 6:30p Saturday service last night, they were both VERY excited to be here. I wanted to share it with you. Here's the quick rundown:

  • They were both recovering addicts

  • One guy has been sober for 18 months...and fell off the wagon Friday night

  • His friend dragged him kicking and screaming to North Point for the Saturday night 6:30p service...this is less than 24 hours later

  • Neither one of them had been here before

  • They don't have a car, they walked 2 miles from the nearest bus station

  • In 30 degree weather

  • To a church they had never been to!!

  • We started a series on finances...both of them were incredibly impacted by it. Even though neither has a job...or any money.

  • They both signed up to get baptized at our Spring Splash event next month

I'm amazed at the opportunities I have to talk with people like this. To hear the stories of how God is using the things we do here to touch their lives. Let's be honest here, guys like this walk into a church and hear a sermon about giving/tithing and money...and how do you expect them to receive it? Probably not too well.

But God used that message to show them his love. They heard it and were hit square in the mouth with God's grace. Awesome.