Sunday, November 28, 2010

New digs and apologies for RSS spam

First of all, sorry for any of you RSS subscribers who got spammed with old posts yesterday. I moved my blog and did some tweaks...and somehow while messing with my feed it shot out 10 old posts.

Whoops :/

In related news, I have some new digs! I finally made the switch from blogger to wordpress and am very pleased with it. I am having some problems porting over my old comments, but it's a work in progress :)

I'm rocking the Standard Theme from John Saddington & his 8bit crew, I and will be tweaking it out sometime in the near future. Right now it's pretty minimalistic around here...and I hope to not go too crazy with customization.

With these new changes comes a bit of change of philosophy for this blog. Here's what I'm thinking:

Posting schedule

I hope to be more consistent in posting. I believe that I'll be motivated to post regularly due to dropping some coin on a premium theme, and getting a hosting provider. Since I've blogged for the past 16 months for a whopping $1 total, this is a significant investment on a percentage basis. I hope I can post 3x per week, I'll try to space those out accordingly.

Focused content

My posts used to be whatever would come to mind. And though I'll still have some of that, I hope to guide my stream of consciousness a little bit with refined topics. As you can see, those are listed across the top.

These topics basically existed "unofficially" before, as just about everything I wrote fit nicely into at least one of them...with the exception of a new topic...


This topic is pretty empty at the moment, and I plan on putting some good posts into that in the very near future. Since my new job is to help oversee the small groups ministry of a 4000+ member church, it seems like a pretty appropriate category ;)

You guys

I want to thank you guys for reading, for commenting, for sharing, for encouraging me over the past...ever. I've made some good friendships through writing & connecting with you. I hope to make these relationships better, and keep forming new ones.

So thanks for everything so far, and I hope that you've found at least some things on this blog useful, thought provoking, or at least something other than pure ego-mania. Appreciated!