Thursday, November 11, 2010

Celebrating Changed Lives

I had the honor of witnessing one of the most powerful things I've seen at NPC this past weekend. We did a version of the 'cardboard/posterboard testimonials.' People shared in short, concise ways how God has changed their life. How God took them from what they "used to be" into what they are now.

It was incredible.

You could feel the love & empathy in the room from everyone watching the people on stage bravely sharing their struggles and failures (many for the first time). Every one of our 6 services ended in red, tear-filled eyes and a standing ovation. Here's the video (after the jump)

I had several friends on the stage throughout the weekend, and the stories behind their signs are incredibly powerful reminders of God's description-defying love. I heard from many people how they didn't think their story was that special, how they didn't see God working in it too much...but then after this weekend, that all changed.

They now realize the incredible things God has done in their life. And continues to do. They see the importance of their own story...even if it's not very glamorous in their opinion.

It made others see their own stories for what they are, powerful examples of redemption. The people on stage made others mentally run through their own "signs" and what they would say. There was a connection in the room from even those just watching the display, as if they had made their own sign and jumped up on stage to share it as well.

I'm done talking. Please share your thoughts.