Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Facebook and Twitter are like cocaine

I spend a lot of time managing the social media properties for our church and for me personally. So I often hear the normal "I don't get Facebook," or "I don't get Twitter," or "that stuff isn't important" responses that people tend to have. I'm thinking of developing a new generic answer for that kind of feedback:

"Facebook & Twitter are like cocaine."

Watch the below clip, and you'll probably immediately understand. This is a quick clip from "Bill Cosby: Himself" from 1983. Just watch 20 seconds or so until the thunderous applause begins. *Also, profanity warning...if you care*

Odds are, if you're using Facebook & Twitter something about what he said probably struck a chord for you. You probably easily see how Facebook/Twitter are like cocaine.

The main problem with social media

The main problem with Facebook, Twitter, etc is that it is so transparent. There is something about it which reveals your personality...and like Bill Cosby's example, intensifies it.

It puts it front and center for everyone (who's friended/following you) to see. If you look through someone's updates, you can see their personality & what they hold as important coming through loud and clear. For some of us...that can be a sobering or depressing thought.

I thought of some personalities that are easily "intensified" by Twitter & Facebook:

1) Post a lot about other people? How you feel bad for so and so, or are excited for something awesome happening in someone else's life; you're probably a fairly empathetic and caring person.

2) Constantly post about yourself? What you're doing, what you're excited about, what's going to happen with you, you, you, you. Well, you may be self centered.

3) Sharing lots of links & content? You're probably hungry for knowledge & excited about learning. Maybe generous, so you want to spread the wealth around.

4) "Empty" posts about nothing in particular? Facebook games, what you ate for dinner, pointless twitter updates and the like. You might not have much going on...or you could just be naturally boring.

5) Negative posts about your life? Debbie Downer-ish updates about bad things you're going through & the drama surrounding you? Could be a bit of a drama queen.

6) Intensely negative? Talk often about how dumb you are, or something stupid you did? Probably don't have a high view of yourself...maybe even depressed a bit.

7) Post a ton of quotes? Maybe you just like sharing things that inspire you...or maybe you don't have anything to say of your own.

8) Don't post much at all? You know, the facebook/twitter stalkers. You're on for several hours a day and update maybe once a week. I'd think you might be introverted, secretive/private...or just creepy ;)

What do you think about the cocaine analogy, does it ring true for you? For that matter, what else could be added to that list?