Friday, October 08, 2010

99 Days

99 days from now, NPC is getting into the multi-site church world. We're opening up our 2nd campus on East Sunshine here in Springfield.

Those pictures were taken of stuff just found laying around the new site as it's being demo'd and reconstructed...and our Music & Creative Arts Director, Joe Freeman happened to get his picture taken as well. Nobody was surprised. Ha ha.

In 99 days, it's going to be pretty epic. January 16, 2011 will be a pretty big deal for us.

Both the "getting ready for" in the next 99 days and the actual "launch of" 99 days from now.

We've been talking about it pretty regularly for a few months now, and now we've got a pretty nice landing page up on our website where we'll be posting updated/pictures/videos/sign-ups/all kinds of shenanigans over the next 99 days.

The next 99 days are going to be crazy hectic for probably...oh I'd say everybody on staff or involved with NPC in any kind of leadership or volunteer position.

So if you'd be a part of praying for this project, for the people involved who will be making it happen, and the people who it will reach, I'd really appreciate it.

You can check out a lot more info with some pics/video up now at

So this is what my next 99 days is going to look like.

What do you have going down in the next 99 days?