Friday, August 20, 2010

Economy of Love

Economy of Love is a DVD/Book study from 'Relational Tithe,' and has video segments featuring Shaine Claiborne.

Economy of Love is for hippies.

Filthy hippies.

Probably commies too. And most likely socialists.

But it's especially for capitalists. Americans. Me, you, her, him and everyone who has ever muttered or thought the phrase "I don't have enough."

It's an incredibly challenging read about breaking the hold materialism has on our lives in our constant pursuit of "more."

Whether it's more stuff, more nice stuff, a bigger place to put our stuff, just having more than someone else, or wanting to have more than someone else. This study is about our pressing felt need for "more."

The authors counter this notion with the suggestion that what we really need is not "more," but "love."

We don't ignore the poor because we don't care about them, but most often because we don't see them.

Because we don't relate with them, because we don't share our lives with them, because we are intentionally and subconsciously separated away from "the poor" until we are so disconnected that we no longer regard the poor as people...but as "the poor."

This study is very challenging, and should be eye opening.

This isn't about social justice, or redistribution of wealth...though the authors certainly use those terms. They constantly bring up the point that this isn't about a system of economics, but a change of heart. That programs, structures, laws, etc are not the answer; the answer is a reorienting of our hearts & minds to legitimately love for others as if they were ourselves. The answer is in relationships.

That others can find their needs met in our excess, and that likewise our own poverty can be fulfilled through the excesses of others. Through personal, real, loving relationships. Not faceless programs, charity, pity or greed.

I personally think it's a great study, I look forward to using it in a group at some point. I think it's definitely worth your time.

You can check it out through Amazon, or by navigating through Relational Tithe's website.