Monday, July 19, 2010

Andy Stanley vs Craig Groeschel

I saw this ad on someone's blog the other day for the upcoming Catalyst One Day conference.

All I could think of when I saw it is that it looked like some kind of boxing/mma promo.

"One day only. August 26th. Seattle. Andy Stanley. Craig Groeschel. In a battle for the middleweight evangelical title. It's CATALYST!!"

Of course at that point, I started to think of the different sects within evangelical Christianity...not even Christianity as a whole, or American Christianity, but even just within the part that would consider itself evangelical.

The different opinions & theologies that sometimes butt heads. The kind of preachers who speak out against other preachers who they don't see eye to eye with on theological issues (which is different from speaking out against preachers who advocate hate/violence/injustice/etc...that needs to be done more often, imo).

How hostile people can be towards their brothers because of different opinions on how you should take communion, how you should be baptized, what causes to advocate for, how exactly the end of the world is going to play out, etc etc.

How it seems that so many of us are so much more interested in being right than we are in loving others. Even others like us. Let alone loving anyone different.

So many of us that represent a loving God to a world desperately in need of him...and all we do is bite at and claw one another like rabid chihuahuas...

Then instead of getting depressed about it, I started giggling thinking of Andy Stanley & Craig Groeschel dancing around each other in a boxing ring with gloves and shiny shorts on. Stanley was in blue and Goreschel in red, in case anyone's curious.

It seems there are some issues that I'd rather just not think about. That I'd rather not deal with, and pretend that they don't happen. I just listed out one of my major ones.

Do you have anything that you start to think about and then intentionally drift your mind off elsewhere to ignore it?

Issues or situations that for some reason cause you some serious grief when they come to mind? Maybe things that seem like a reality of life that you could never do anything about?

I tend to think we have those burdens and passions we ignore in our hearts for a reason.

That maybe God gave them to us so we would know what we should spending our lives on.