Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Putting the Electric Guitarist on Notice

Hey you up on the stage. Hey, Mr Fancy-pants electric guitarist. Yeah you.

Knock it off.

Seriously guy, do you think we need to see you dancing around up there on the stage?

During church?

During worship?!?

Where's the reverence with your leg propped up half a foot high on an amp?

Are you quite happy with yourself, turning worship of God into a show about you and your awesome guitar skills?

Stop going over to that singer or other guitarist and playing back to back. That's not cool, that's showboating.

Don't do that wide stance and put pressure on your front foot when you're playing a tricky part or a complicated solo. Don't hop around either. Stop looking like you're enjoying yourself for crying out loud! Stop being so dramatic, up there, this isn't a show! This is church!

Open your eyes already, look around. Stop being so intense, so focused, turn it down a bit.

Oh...what's that?

You think God deserves your best?

You believe God gave you some kind of intrinsic ability to play music and through many years of practice you've become pretty great at it? And so now you think that the best thing you can do is to thank God is to use that gift? And you wouldn't dare giving God a level other than your absolute best?

You say that worshiping God through music is your passion? And you hope that he can use you to bring others close to him as well? That if it only happened ever to 1 person in your whole life that it would be worth it?

Maybe the problem isn't with you. Who am I to think that God won't accept what it is you're doing just because it may not be a personal preference of mine? Maybe I'm jealous. Maybe I see you worshiping in a passionate way, and it reflects on how I could do the same...in my own way...with my own passions.

But I don't do it. 

So seeing YOU do it, ignites some deep desire and conviction that I don't quite understand. And I hate you for it.

Maybe I'll find a way to realize that at some point. And find a way to worship Jesus as authentically as you do...without reservation or care about how other people perceive it, through the passions and abilities that God has given to me.

Until then though, you're on notice. And you better believe the band leader is going to hear about this.