Friday, March 19, 2010

Happy Meal 1 Year Later

Found this little gem today.

Q: What does a happy meal look like 1 year after it was purchased?
A: A happy meal.

Check out the picture below, the photo on the left was taken when the happy meal was "fresh" while the one on the right was taken a full year later.

Ah the glorious power of preservatives.

Read the original article here.

I feel very impacted by this because for a long time I didn't pay attention to the garbage we eat constantly. But thankfully I've been more and more mindful over the past few years...especially when it concerns my daughter.

I don't want her eating this. I don't want her to fall into habits of eating food like it either. Besides, I know how to cook...we don't ever have to eat a baseball sized box of non-decomposing preservatives.

We try to not eat fast food anymore, if at all possible. Which is harder than it sounds. Because we're lazy. And sometimes a Big Mac sounds like a great idea.

What about you guys? Do you eat fast food? Does this picture/comparison surprise you? What is your reaction?