Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mr Grumpy

See that guy? That's me. I'm Mr Grumpy.

So if you've dealt with me today, I apologize. 

Because it probably wasn't very pleasant for you.

There are lots of reasons why I'm Grumpy. One of which is that I choose leisure activities that cause frustration.

  • I play video games that make me mad, and I get addicted to them. 
  • I over stretch myself into areas where I have little or no expertise and it makes me nervous and frustrated at my incompetence. 
  • I stretch myself thin and spend too much time away from my family.
  • I skip blogging for a day

And I get Mr Grumpy-er

For whatever reason, I'm crankier when I skip out on writing a post on some days. I don't do it intentionally, I legitimately don't feel like it at times. But in the midst of that, I get into a grump-spiral; and that very thing that was forcing me into the grump-spiral is what pulls me back out of it. Like right now, while writing this, I already feel a little bit better.

Do you know why that is?

Do you have some sort of activity like that which does it for you? Something that if you skip out on, it makes you irritable AND irritated? And then when you go back to it, that irritability goes away?

It'd be nice to know some of the other crazies.