Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Don't Pretend You Know What You're Doing

Pride is a funny thing.

By funny, I mean nightmarishingly crushing and destructive. They're interchangeable, I promise.

Pride is that jerk in the back of your head that tells you "You're smart enough, you can figure this out. Who cares that you don't have many years of experience necessary to know how to do this. You're a genius!"

or maybe...

"That's not really a problem. Everyone does that, so why should you care? Nobody can help you with it anyway, you can take care of it yourself."

Pride is arrogant.

Pride keeps telling you that you don't need help with something. That you can take care of it on your own. That magically, somehow, you have the resources and abilities to solve your own problems. It tells you this every time you think for a second about going to someone for help.

And pride is so arrogant that it makes you not recognize the bad logic of this situation. Because if you had the ability to solve the problem, you wouldn't have had the problem in the first place.

Pride is isolating. 

It wants to separate you from people who can help you out. Because it knows that people do want to help you. And pride wants to stop that from happening.

Because pride loves your frustration. All the greats are frustrated and miserable aren't they? And I'm great. That means I must be the same!

So pride makes you keep to yourself, and not reach out for assistance.

Pride is a filthy liar

Pride tells you that you need to keep up appearances. That you need to at least pretend that you know what you're doing until you figure it out.

You know, "fake it till you make it." Pride knows you're not going to make it. It's banking on it.

Pride is the enemy of progress

You can't achieve anything when you're stuck in pride. It's self defeating. And that's its favorite thing.

  • Pride stops you from asking others for help in a project that is way over your head. 
  • Pride makes you keep the problems you're having with your kids to yourself, instead of looking for advice. 
  • Pride tells you to not bring "that" up to your spouse or your best friend. Because it'll lower their opinion of you. Despite knowing that their compassion towards you is much greater than their opinion of you.
Pride will keep you in hell

Pride stops us from confessing our need for help to each other, and to God. A friend can't help you unless you go to them for it. I believe God works in a similar way.

If we don't recognize our need for help, we won't be asking for it.

And because we aren't asking for it, we won't get it.

So instead of climbing out of the hell we've made for ourselves, we'll live in it forever.

Pride is incredibly happy with this.

Pride is a butt-hole.