Thursday, January 07, 2010

Want To Go To Uganda?

World Vision is sending several bloggers, including one of my favorites: Matthew Paul Turner, to Uganda.

In addition to the tons of humanitarian efforts World Vision promotes, they also send out blogging trips.


To tell the stories of the people who live there.

Because Uganda is much more than a place.

It's full of real people. People who matter. People who suffer in their situations more than many of us can fathom. And the same people who may have a faith stronger than we can fathom as well.

Matthew Paul Turner and the other bloggers are there to help us experience the trip. So that we can go, without going.

So that we can realize, maybe just a little bit, that people in Uganda are more than just statistics. They have lives and their own stories full of pain, hope, love, loss, and redemption--just as we all do.

I'm going to be following along through his and other sites. I've posted a button on the top right of my blog as well that direct links to MPT's blog posting asking for help to spread the word a little bit about the trip. To help connect others into the story as well.

So if you have a blog, a twitter account, a facebook page, you can help bring some awareness and attention just by grabbing a button and reposting a link.

Go ahead, click that picture up there and to to MPT's site to read about the trip a bit more. Copy a button and post it.

Or here, I'll even post another for you. So you don't have to scroll up ;)