Monday, January 18, 2010

Trying the Question Thing

I've noticed that I hardly ever have time to devote to a serious blog post on Mondays. Mondays are my busiest day of the week, and I feel very scattered and unorganized due to the ADHD nature of my job.

So I feel that I have the choice to not put one up, or write one half heartedly. Either way, that seems like a cop-out and irresponsible to you wonderful people who actually take the time to stop by and read what I have to say.

For that matter, to say that I'm constantly surprised that anyone is interested enough to read this blog is an understatement in itself...for reals. I don't say it enough, but thank you for reading. You are all teh awesome.

So I'm trying a new solution

I'll be posting up a question on Mondays.

Not some cop-out "what do you think about this issue on which I've obviously already stated my opinion and am merely looking for validation or disagreement" style question. Those are the ones I usually put up...and I'm sincerely sorry.

But an actual question. A non-"yes/no, agree/disagree" question. One that you may not have a canned answer to and can let gestate and get back to.

Because despite my lack of attempts at it, I do care. And I am curious.

The first Monday question

So here it is: What is the most important book in the Bible?

Important book.

Not necessarily your favorite, your most memorable, the prettiest or the ugliest. But to you, with your personal understanding, theology and faith; what is the most important book in the Bible?

And why is that? What makes it so important? What makes it higher ranked than some other book?

Please post in the comments below, or if you're reading on Facebook: click here.

Thanks everyone! :D