Friday, January 22, 2010

Getting Past Discontentment

If you're anything like me, there are things you're not exactly pleased about in your life.

  • Maybe it's the way you look
  • The job you have
  • Feeling broke
  • Wishing your kids didn't act like tools during the only 2.5 hours each day you get to see them
  • Feeling unfulfilled
  • Feeling unfaithful

You could say I have some things I'm pretty....discontent about in my life. There may be things you're discontent about in yours as well, probably things that aren't even on that list.

And I have seasons where I'm more content or less content that at other times. But when I start to feel that uneasiness from one area of my life, it spills over into others. I get grumpy, I get agitated. I see anger, bitterness and jealousy creep in.

And I check out.

I get so displeased with a current situation, that I put myself into a state of helplessness that becomes self perpetuating and self defeating.

I no longer want to change the situation, I want to escape from it.

But how helpful is that?

"Not very?" You say? Yeah, you're probably right.

I'd like to know if you have these periods of discontentment...I don't really know what else to call it.

How do you get over them?

Or do you (like me) try things that don't work?

Do you pray and it comes back empty?
Do you read and not find the answers?
Do you talk to people about it and find no solution?
Do you make strategic steps, plans and actions to change your situation and find yourself further defeated?

That seems to be how it works for me at at times. Maybe I'm doing it wrong.

Maybe the cliches of "it just takes some time" are a bit more than cliche.

Maybe I do put my hope and trust in things other than God, and put my internal validation in the wrong hands.

I don't think I do, but I may. Do you find yourself as insanely impatient? Is that all it really takes? Time? Or is it something more?