Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Eagles Fans Are Jerks

Eagles fans are jerks. I should know.

I used to watch a lot of football. I'd get out of church on Sundays in time to go to a friend's house to watch the early game.

I'd stay for the afternoon game and dinner.

Usually leave somewhere around halftime of the evening game.

And on Mondays I'd watch that game with some other friends. So yeah. That's a lot of football.

Jenny used to hate football season. It was early in our marriage, and spending a full day & extra evening basically away from the family watching a sport that she didn't like wasn't a real great idea on my part.

I don't really watch it anymore, haven't really cared about it for the past two seasons. But it's playoff time and I wanted to watch one of the games on Saturday night.

Eagles vs Cowboys.

I've been a fair weather Eagles fan for the past few years and one thing I've learned: Eagles fans are the biggest jerks in the country.


Eagles fans are notorious for being horrible people at games. Booing their own team, throwing batteries at players, fights in the stands, arrests, etc. There's a video making the rounds online about two 49'er fans who were at an Eagles home game this past December. You may have seen it. Unfortunately, there was a lot of snow in the stadium and...well...just watch, it's only a minute or two.

Pretty amazing isn't it?

Why do you think the Eagles have such obnoxious fans? Are they bitter? Just angry at how cold it is? Maybe it's something in the philly cheesesteak that brings it out...

Think another team has worse fans? Got something to back that up with? ;)