Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Stop and Think About the Industry of Worship

We (like many churches) work very hard to make our worship services be "unforgettable experiences."

We spend hundreds of man hours each week to plot out every moment of time. We painstakingly plan every second of service. We focus so much energy on constructing and implementing a variety of elements that HAVE to be there.

We plan and stress and measure ourselves on all these different metrics, whether out in the open and measurable or more just perceptions of the environment.

But then when the planning is over, and we're actually in the service...sometimes things just aren't right. Nothing went wrong with the plans, the elements, the orders...but there was something else. Often we don't want to talk about it, or know what to do with it, but we come off the stage and think things like:
  • Our energy seemed really down last service
  • The congregation wasn't quite "getting into it" as they normally do
  • Not sure what it is, but just not "feeling it" up there today
  • Something is off
Sometimes, in some ways, I think we just may be doing it all wrong.

Watch this quick video.

Your thoughts?