Thursday, November 19, 2009

What if Starbucks Marketed Like a Church?

My friend Beth posted this video up the other day, so I stole it.

No, Jesus isn't just some other 'product' to try to sell. That's not the point of marketing a church, let's get past that.

I think there is something important to be said from this video.

That if we did anything else the way that we do church, nobody would be there.

Because it's weird.

It's inorganic, it's false, contrived, forced.

It's more than just different.

It's inauthentic. And to today's society, that's becoming more and more unforgivable.

What if we didn't have these built in hurdles to overcome in attempting to reach people?

If we made things easier for people to reach God instead of harder?

Jesus' message is hard enough for some to accept. Why do we make it worse?

I think we should be tearing down any wall we can find that is keeping people from God. Not erecting new ones.