Friday, November 13, 2009

OK To Say About Deer...But Not About Women

So I'm just listening to the conversation that's going on behind me at work for a few hours, and here are some gems that have been dropped about deer hunting.

I find it funny the things that can be said about deer hunting, and are totally inappropriate if you're talking about women.  For some was just the first thing that came to mind as I was eavesdropping.

Immature? Possibly.

Strangely funny to me while I was at work? Oh yes indeed.

So I made a little list

  • I just want one to stumble onto my property, then I'll take her out.
  • She didn't have a huge body, but had a GREAT rack on her.
  • She was a real beauty, but I let my boy shoot at her instead. I'll just bag the next one that comes by.
  • Whew, do I really want to tag that baby!
  • Had one digging through the trash, had to chase her off with a broom
  • The spread disease you know, can't have too many of them around.

 Happy sitting out in the cold without making a sound for hours on end, everybody!