Saturday, October 24, 2009

Abortion Protest


What if that was the sign that people saw at protests?
If signs declaring God's love for hurting people were the ones you expected to see people waving outside of abortion clinics?
Instead we see signs declaring God's hatred and condemnation of people. People who desperately need love, support and forgiveness in painful times.
Signs of mutilated fetuses, vicious verbal attacks and outright lies about an act actually being able to separate a person from the love of God.

Jesus came for everyone.
And while he was here he showed his love for the hurt, the broken, the desperate.
Those who felt they were out of options; trapped by their circumstances or their own choices.
He came for people who needed him.
During his ministry he didn't just say that he was here to make them feel better, to live in their heart, to fill a void, or anything like that.
He forgave people's sins. He fixed their problems. He healed the sick. He fed the hungry. He redeemed people who were tossed aside by others. He stopped the bleeding. He eliminated the pain.
He brought life to those who had none.

When we think of abortion, we tend to focus on the child. We try to guilt, shame, shock, coerce women into not aborting their baby.
What good does shame and guilt do? Other than multiplying what was already there? And guarantee that they'll want nothing to do with those who were heaping it on?
So instead of losing 1 life and attempting to save the other, we piss both of them away in our stubborness and hate.

What if women who were getting an abortion knew they were loved?
If they knew that Jesus loves them, even in this time of desperation, shame and pain?
If they knew that this act isn't bigger than God. That he offers forgiveness and healing for their suffering?
That because of God's forgiveness, that we also offer support.
That Jesus loves you. And we can help you.
God doesn't condemn you, and neither will we.
We'll be here for you.
We'll love you.

Nearly 50% of the women in America who have an abortion had one previously.
What if these women had communities of love and support in their lives?
What if they knew the love of God expressed through those of us who should be acting as his people?
Would that number change if some of them didn't feel trapped and hopeless in their choice?

What if the church was known as the place of healing?
If people ran to the church for support in their crisis and shame the way they ran to Jesus?
People were not afraid of Jesus condemning them, hating them, shaming them, weighing them down with guilt.
They came to him for freedom from their pain.
They came to him, because he loves them.