Friday, September 18, 2009

Just knock over the glass

I like the show Kings. Well, rather, liked it, since it's canceled. It's a drama retelling (and reshaping) the story of David from the Old Testament done in modern times. It was an awesome show.

This is a scene where David is helping King Silas to retake his throne. Silas has been overthrown by his son and brother in law, and they're getting ready to go into battle to retake the crown by force in the morning.

I like this clip because the concepts of signs from God, and us testing God and God testing us have been on my mind recently. You may have noticed from yesterday's post.

I find we're constantly looking for validation from God. We want to know that "God is on our side." And quite often, he does give us the validation.

Many times, exactly how we were looking for it.

Exactly how we asked for it.

And we still don't see it...