Monday, August 31, 2009


So I have a bit of externally induced ADD today. Two main reasons for it:

A) I get interrupted from whatever I'm doing by about 20-30 seconds of "work." This happens with varying frequency at different times of the day. But usually about every 60 seconds or so.

B) My computer has become a piece of garbage. It freezes constantly. When I load up new web-pages it craps out for about 60 seconds. Just locks up. When I switch focus from one program to another it REALLY gets angry. You know, doesn't allow any type of input at all for about a minute and then goes back to normal like it never happened. This occurs approximately every 217 seconds.

It's AWESOME when those two items work in tandem. Like a tag team of brain dysfunction that is battling for the world championship against logical and cohesive thought. At least before one of them got uppity and launched a solos career leaving his former partner in the dust.

Brain Dysfunction...better known as the Hart Foundation

The end result of this fun is that I feel like Dug the dog from "Up." You know, the one that would interrupt whatever he was saying by shouting SQUIRREL! and then stare blankly for a moment before getting right back to what he was doing like it never happened.


This post has taken 70 minutes to write...on account of the aforementioned problems.

That's all you're getting today, interwebs!! Maybe my brain will thaw by tomorrow.