Wednesday, June 24, 2009

First entry....FOR GREAT JUSTICE!!!

Elizabeth Boemler
Haven't you started several and then crapped out on all of them?

Why yes, yes I have. And this is why it'll be different this time. Unfortunately Beth can be a very motivating person in her own 'jerk face' sort of way. I've been wanting to maintain a blog for a while, and have actually had this one saved in my name since mid 2006. Obviously I've done nothing with it.

That's going to change now.

So Beth, thank you for the passive aggressive motivation, I imagine it was deliberate as you know how I operate....that being mostly out of spite.

I'm not sure how organized to be with this thing, or even exactly what I would want it to look like, what to do with that nonsense on the right hand side, or what I want it to say. I need something to vomit my thoughts into. Something slightly more productive than trolling people on facebook. Though that is VERY productive as well.

It's certainly not as if I don't have the time for doing it. If there's anything I have plenty of, it's spare least until I leave the office. So welcome to my first post for great justice. I shouldn't be surprised that it's about spiting Beth.


  1. You're welcome.

    Don't crap out on this one.

  2. Yeah, now you'll just troll people on blogger. Fortunately I don't have one. :)

  3. Steve7:52 PM

    I must say... your blog is off to a pretty slow start.

  4. Beth being a jerk face is why I married her.

    That and the sweet lovin'.

    Not that I knew anything about that last part before we were married.

    I only wrote that last part 'cause Beth is standing right next to me watching me type.

    And she's laughing, so I guess its cool.

    Ouch, she hit me. I guess its only kinda cool.