Monday, February 01, 2010

How Has God Changed You?

It's Monday!

That means it's time to pawn off the responsibilities of writing a post by asking a question instead!


So here it is: How has God changed you?

Ambiguous? Ok, some back story:

I believe God is in the business of changing everyone. 

Constantly. And those changes can come in several ways, forms and time-frames. And this does not solely mean your moment of conversion and placing your faith in God. Not all believers have those. Many, in fact do not.

Change occurs whenever you can look at a part of your life and say that you were...something; but now you're something else. You were defined a specific way, but now that no longer applies. You were "x" but now you're "y."

This can happen either in specific moments, or gradually over time. Take David for example.

Just in the story of David vs Goliath, this teenage punk (all teenagers are punks, it's science) kills the champion Philistine fighter Goliath. David was changed forever in that one moment where he killed Goliath in battle. His life would never be the same, it set in motion the events that would lead to David becoming King of Israel, civil war, exiles, and eventually the birth of Jesus. That was a life changing specific moment for David.

Before, he was a shepherd; but now he was a war hero. Literally saving Israel from the Philistines.

However, David was also changed gradually through the events leading up to that encounter against Goliath. 

I highly doubt that was the first time David used a sling shot (or sling). Being a shepherd, he needed to protect his sheep from predators. Shepherds used weapons to do this, some used slings; I wouldn't be surprised if he'd used it thousands of times throughout his life and knew for a fact that he had the skill and experience to plant that rock right in Goliath's forehead. This (among other things) was a gradual change for David. 

Before, he was inexperienced with a sling. But now, after years of use and training protecting his sheep, he was an experienced marksman.

So, with that back story in mind, how has God changed you? 

What were you before?

But now, what have you become?